El Mehdi Ainasse


I am a young thinker and researcher who is looking for discovery and serenity. I love Mathematics, and I am in love with Mathematics. Philosophy is my second nature. My home is everywhere and nowhere. I belong to the world, to the Universe, to the Cosmos, and to the absolute Void. I am a human being among others, but not like the others. I am driven by intuition, free thought and imagination. I love abstraction, I love paradoxes (yet I use logic most of the time), and I love other people, whether they are like me or not. To sum it up, I cannot really sum it up. Describing myself would take more than those lines. So I hope you will enjoy discovering some parts of my mind through my two portfolios. Hello World, and welcome to El Mehdi's mind!


  • Creative drawing
  • Graffiti drawing
  • Digital Work
  • Picture inspirational description


  • Photofiltre
  • Paint